Stories of World Travel


Winner of the North American Travel Journalists Association Award for Best Travel Book


Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel is an anthology from a remarkable writers' group. The WWW - a gathering of twelve women - travel the globe, returning as often as they can to share their tales of adventure.Through these pages you will journey alongside each author, traveling through China on a motorcycle, playing with fire at a volcano's edge in Hawaii, experiencing the supernatural in Scotland, or falling in love in Moscow.Life's adventures are expressed here with sensitivity and verve, providing a terrific read that is sure to become a favorite of book groups, armchair travelers, and wild women everywhere.


Praise for Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel:


"Fascinating and scrupulously crafted tales of exploits, encounters and accidents"

— Simon Winchester, author of The Men Who United the States 


"The observations and the quality of the writing make this the most distinctive and appealing travel anthology of the year"

— Tim Cahill, founding editor of Outside magazine


"These travelers and their tales exude an insatiable wanderlust and an endless capacity for wonder"

— Don George, author of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing


"All of travel's great moments are here in this book."

— Maureen Wheeler, co-founder of Lonely Planet


"These gutsy women … push the envelope in adventure, romance, and humor!"

— Marybeth Bond, editor of Travelers' Tales: A Woman's World