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Fulbright Talk, 

University of Manchester

Cathy speaks with BBC journalist Horatio Clare about her writing career and work as a Fulbright Scholar to the United Kingdom.

Ted Talk:

How to Raise Your Daughter to Become

a World Leader

While researching Champion of Choice, Cathy interviewed several female world leaders. In this video she shares the traits their childhoods had in common.


Desert Flower,

the movie

Cathy wrote Desert Flower, the life story of activist Waris Dirie. This book was later adapted by Oscar-winner Peter Herrmann as a feature film and released around the globe.

View the trailer here...

Ford Foundation

Cathy talking at the Ford Foundation with Carmen Barroso of International Planned Parenthood. She's answering the question “What did you learn from Nafis Sadik by writing her biography?”

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